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Membership Dues: continued

To this end, the BCPA has allowed members of local piping and drumming organizations, like the WPA or OPS, to credit their local organization's membership fee toward a BCPA membership.

Your BCPA membership fee will be the sum left after the local piping association's membership fee is deducted from the BCPA membership fee. You will need to provide proof of your membership in the WPA when you send in your membership to the BCPA by including a photocopy of your WPA membership card.

Here is a comparative schedule of dues:

BCPA Active & Associate

$25 (US)

WPA Individual

$10 (US)

As a member of the WPA you will pay only $15 (US) to the BCPA to become a member.

BCPA Pipe Band

$124 (US)

WPA Pipe Band

$50 (US)

As a member of the WPA your band will pay only $74(US) to become a member of the BCPA.

BCPA Junior

$20 (US)

WPA Individual

$10 (US)

You will pay only $10 (US) to the BCPA to become a member.

BCPA Family

$35 (US)

WPA Family

$15 (US)

You will pay only $20 (US) to the BCPA to become members.

Fees Updated 9/15/03

We do not require membership in the WPA to compete at our events. *(This has now changed, please see rules) Membership is encouraged, recommended, and necessary for us to achieve our purpose, which we have designed to benefit you and your music. The WPA wants every interested person and band to be a member if they value what we do, but we want you to support us willingly.

Also, the BCPA wants to see its members become members of and active in their local organizations. We do not charge admission to our events because we want anyone who is interested to know they are free to come. But we will happily accept any donation a spectator wants to make. And once we have a presence as a not-for-profit organization we can seek private and public funding from outside our membership.

In conclusion, I want to thank Coleen Popochock, who agreed to stay on as Treasurer and Secretary. No one really knows how much Coleen contributes to the WPA, mainly because she is so humble, but we know her contribution is enormous. Suffice it to say, without her the WPA would be a miserable shadow of its present self. *(Coleen served as Treasurer and Secretary when the WPA was just getting started. The WPA would like to thank her for her generosity and hard work. We wouldn't be where we are today without her)

If you would like to volunteer for the WPA we could use help in the following areas: stewards, concessions, registration, newsletter, fund raising, establishing not-for-profit status, and the youth band initiative.

John Dally


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